Introducing Virtual Jewellery Try On

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As the cases of Covid-19 are intensifying, people are edgy towards stepping out even for basic needs. When it comes to jewellery, it is still seen as a luxury for many. This calls out for a big No-No to go out in the market right now. Keeping in mind, both the seller’s and customers’ point of view, it is essential to assure you of the various shopping options you have, at the comfort of your home. We reckon that your concern of the sanitization of products and your own safety is our responsibility which is why we have brought to you our virtual try-on feature.

Our virtual platform allows users to try on jewelleries with real-time experience.

All you have to do is visit our website, open your camera and voilà! Your virtual jewelleries are right in front of you to feel special.

We have integrated this protocol for customers to see different looks and choose the best from the rest. You get an extensive range of jewellery to try on your neckline without even touching them. What’s better than that?


To wipe away your apprehensiveness, about whether or not the design is suitable for you, you can always take your loved ones’ opinions who might be living overseas.


This real-time experience gives you a trump card to don the dress you want your jewellery to go perfectly with. This feature provides you with the liberty to mix and match according to your attire at your home.

It is evident that this feature is a super hit because you get your hands on absolutely anything and everything you want and pick the best for you and your partner.


At Ratnalaya, we bring the best for you. Your safety with style and an array to choose from, is our responsibility!

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