The Ratnalaya Assurance - An Assurance of Trust

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Every jewellery has a thousand stories behind it and each story has a lot of sentiments attached to it. At Ratnalaya, we understand your emotions and the hard work that has been put behind purchasing each of this preciousness.

We want to reassure you that your jewellery is in good hands.

Being a part of the Ratnalaya family is the smartest choice you could ever make and here’s why:

Guarantee of purity: 

Respecting the fact that each and every piece of jewellery that you own has a significant place in your heart, we hold a  BIS 916 hallmark on our 22KT gold jewellery and BIS 750 hallmark on our 18KT gold jewellery. It is precious and we know it.

Guarantee of Transparency:

At Ratnalaya, we make sure you know exactly what you are paying for. Every piece has a rate tag that holds net weight, gross weight, stone amount and making charges.

Our in-store app lets you go through the same with clarity of a crystal with a promise to maintain complete transparency in billing and invoice. The customers have the liberty to feed the UIN number of the product to know its complete price bifurcation of the product along with the image.

Guarantee of Authenticity:

Our diamonds pass through a series of internal stringent quality tests before getting placed on the jewellery. For further authenticity, we have a quality certification from reputed international laboratories. So go ahead and shop with complete peace of mind.

Zero Deduction Gold Exchange:

We give you full gold value at the prevailing rate without any deduction when you exchange our BIS “ 22KT ” or BIS  “ 18 KT ”  Gold with us.

 Free lifetime Maintenance:

We, at Ratnalaya, believe in providing the best for our customers and make sure their investments with us are not restricted to time. If your jewellery begins to lose its shine and charm over the years, bring it to us. Our store will revive it, free of charge for you! If by any chance, the stones get misplaced, we will put it back for you without any service charge. All you have to pay is the cost of replaced stone.

Seamless Exchange of Your Old Gold:

The gold you own has an importance to you and to us. Therefore we pledge to provide the best exchange value. We make sure the gold is melted and weighed in your presence; purity is analysed using our state-of-the-art karatmeter which is the most precise way of measuring the purity of gold. Hence, transparency is ensured at each step providing the best exchange value for your gold.

The next time you plan to exchange your old gold, visit us for a seamless experience.

Free Jewellery Insurance:

Ratnalaya Jewellers value the sentiments attached with the investments made on these preciousness thus providing ‘Free jewellery insurance', which is an initiative to provide customers with an experience of buying jewellery without any uncertainties.

Symbol of trust:

We embed our legacy of trust with the crown mark on each jewellery from the house of Ratnalaya.

So rest assured, we have your back!

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