Unique Jewellery Trends To Try This Diwali

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Chunky bangles, dressy chokers and oversized rings – Diwali gives you ample reason to dress up! We suggest you go traditional yet chic this festive season as nothing beats the glam of a pair of Jhumka’s worn along with some modern diamond bangles. We love accessorizing and the best part is that the traditional designs are reborn with a contemporary touch this year. Start planning your looks as we give you some unusual jewellery trends to try this festive season.

Gold Jewellery


The majestic and scintillating gold jewellery has always ruled the hearts of Indian women. This upcoming Diwali season, too, you will   come across with our wide range of exotic designs in gold jewellery embellished with some ethnic symbols and mythological figures.   Its timeless elegance and classic appeal can quench the thirst of traditional Indian women that find immense satisfaction and   security   in the gleam of gold. Hence, this festive season you will witness the renewal of the ancient heritage in Indian jewellery   market. Women that are fond of the traditional touch can look for our handcrafted jewellery designs that are embellished with   polkies,   diamonds and rubies. In fact, the fusion of gold and diamonds jewellery will create wonders this festive season.   

 Undoubtedly, our traditional gold jewellery is an alluring option to sparkle this Diwali.




Diamond Jewellery


On this grand festival of lights, people like to dress themselves in beautiful attires and alluring jewellery. Diamonds form an important part of jewellery shopping at the time of Diwali. The charisma and the beauty offered by our diamond necklace or studs are unparalleled to any other stone or studs. Available in various colours, diamonds are valued in terms of their clarity. Add some panache with our jewellery to your wardrobe this festive season.

These precious jewels are crafted with 18K BIS Hallmarked yellow gold, rose gold and white gold depending on the style With our new exquisite designs, this year you will witness coloured stones used in diamond jewellery to craft beautiful jhumkas, earrings, cocktail rings, neckpieces and bangles. Embellished with semi-precious stones, our traditional diamond jewellery is the perfect choice for a youthful and elegant look this Diwali.


Gold and Diamond finish Bracelets


(This Diwali, ditch the Diwali jewellery bangles- can be made better) with our intricately designed delicate gold and diamond finish bracelets. Less is more, this Diwali festive season! Our Traditional gold and diamond bracelets are totally trending and when they adorn your wrists, they add a different sparkle to your outfit! All you have to do it match them with the correct outfit for a scintillating look.







Hassle-Free Floral Earrings


Long, slender, floral design earrings are the perfect earrings you need, to rock the Diwali Look! Our earrings have been very prominent in fashion trends in from ages now. They give out a very colourful and joyful vibe and add a quirky twist to your good old Diwali look. Match these earrings with your favourite ethnic outfit to complete the festive look!






Temple Jewellery


It was the jewellery used to adorn the idols of Gods and Goddesses. Nowadays, the usage of temple jewellery is not limited to certain occasions but also used by women to boost their style quotient on ordinary days. It is certainly loved by women who yearn to flaunt a completely astonishing look. Wearing the highly creative designs of temple jewellery not only adds to a person’s glamour but also becomes a status symbol as such jewellery can’t be owned by everyone as it’s quite expensive.






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