Diamonds are more than just an aesthetically beautiful gem-It has been an enduring symbol of status, love, commitment and wealth for generations.

When most people look at diamond, they see a glimmering, expensive and beautiful stone. While everyone sees the shine the stone emits, very few know the rigor and the process it goes through before getting transformed into a perfect stone. Our relationship are the same. Each bond goes through rigorous test of time and situations before they blossom into deep relationships.

Like a diamond needs cleaving, cutting and polishing to reflect its perfection, attaining love or success in life also needs us to undergo various hardships and trials. Thus, diamonds becomes the symbol of sucess,love and relationships.

Ratnalaya Jewellers has joined hands with India’s finest solitaire diamond brand Divine Solitaires. Diamonds from the house of Divine solitaires are extremely rare as these diamonds undergo 123 parameters of testing. Divine Solitaires offers the consumer perfectly cut solitaire diamonds that has been through ethical sourcing, quality certification, investment value and transparency in pricing. Every solitaires coming from the house of Divine Solitaires displays the magnificent pattern of hearts & arrows, giving the diamonds unique look along with color and clarity.

Thus, as a brand, we are focused on giving the best qualities of diamonds to all consumers.

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